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The Class Of ’24

Oh. Some of you found this blog. Oh well.

So first bit of advice as you all go out into the big, bad, good, boring, fascinating world: if you have a blog, assume your 6th years will find it.

Not only that, assume everything you do online will be found by your friends, family, employers, prospective employers, that cute person from last Friday….the internet is as public as it gets, even things that claim to be private. (Hey, if you were a hacker, would you concentrate on the public stuff or the stuff that claims to be private?)

Other bits of advice: Learn to cook, it makes life cheaper and more fun. Always have an order-of-magnitude estimate in your head before doing the sums, it catches the easy mistakes. Google “Wheaton’s Law”, “Godwin’s Law” and “The Ballmer Peak”. Be generous with minstrels – yes, both the chocolates and the buskers. Anything is fixable, some things are not worth fixing, telling the difference is a major skill. If the folk on the spaceship had listened to Ripley and followed the quarantine protocol, Alien would have been a much shorter film. Do not stare into the laser with your remaining eye. Never leave your wing man (/woman/person….the original quote is “man”). RTFM.

My images of the year (the abstract blocks-of-colour one is MM’s photosynthesis project, shot through the various coloured filters being used, the prism is from WH’s spectroscopy project, when it was just sat out on a bench catching a few more wavelengths than just Neon’s: